Contact Your local Congressman or Congresswoman to support HR2620

HR 2620 - The Faster treatments & cures for eye diseases Act

HR 2620 is bipartisan bill recently introduced to Congress aimed at raising $1 Billion through the creation of eye bonds. Eye-bonds would fund translational research and advance treatments and cures for many diseases and conditions that lead to blindness and severe vision impairment for over 4 million Americans and 1/2 million children. This bill is a new model that has been designed to bridge the funding gap between proven research and real treatments, but we need your help convincing our congressional representatives how vital this bill is.

STEP 1 | Find Your Local Congressman

Find your representative here: YOUR REPRESENTATIVE

Here you’ll find: Their Washington DC phone number, email and link to their website.

STEP 2 | Call Your Congressman

Ask them if they are familiar with the bill, and will they be cosponsoring it. If they are not familiar with the bill, give them the HIGHLIGHTS of the bill (outlined below).

STEP 3 | Follow Up Your Call With an Email

Here is an email example you can use:

Hello Congressman ______________,

I'm writing you to call attention to, and ask for your cosponsorship and support for the Bill HR 2620: The Faster Treatments and Cures for Eye Diseases,  which would allow for the creation of Eye-Bonds.  Eye-bonds would fund translational research and advance treatments and cures for many diseases and conditions that lead to blindness and severe vision impairment, including the severe vision trauma suffered by our American Veterans. Our family believes strongly in this bi-partisan bill and we're asking for your help and support. Please see the bill highlights below.


- This is a bipartisan bill that would dramatically increase research funding for conditions that cause blindness and severely impaired vision.

- Over 4 million Americans, ½ million children are currently affected by many diseases that result in blindness

- Gene Therapies for retinal diseases are currently being proven successful in current clinical trials, the only blocker is funding

- Most research done for eye conditions never makes the transition from lab research to clinical trials due to a lack of funding.  HR 2620 would help bridge that gap.

- Up to one billion dollars towards this research over four years, the total amount of funding per year not to exceed $250 million.

- This funding would be issued using Eye-Bonds – Developed by the FFB. It would finance packages of loans for research purposes.

- The National Eye Institute - part of the National Institute of Health (NIH) chooses which projects to fund.

- No risk to the NIH or taxpayers. The Congressional Budget Office is expected to score the cost of the legislation at near zero, meaning that taxpayers would not be impacted by this legislation.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we’re counting on your support.

Kind Regards, _______________

STEP 4 | Share This Call To Action

We recommend sharing this web page with at least 5 people and asking them to follow these same steps.

Thank You,

This bill gives real hope and promise to those who may lose their vision and for those who are already suffering from vision loss. We are so close to the finish line for curing many retinal diseases that result in blindness, and this bill is a giant step in that direction. Funding IS the biggest barrier. Your voice and advocation for those living with vision loss means more to us than you could ever imagine. We are forever grateful for your kindness and support. THANK YOU!

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Gene therapy and gene editing techniques for creating treatments and cures for hereditary blindness are closer than you think. - Westend61/Getty Images