UsherMom & Save Sight Now Join Forces


We are honored and proud to have the support and love from our extended Holland family: Jackson, Carolien de Bie and Willem Verheijen. Our connection with them was immediate from the first time we spoke; we are cut from the same cloth. We knew immediately we had found life long friends and partners who we aligned with us on our mission to save our children's vision. We are excited to be working together with Ushermom and so happy to have them on the Save Sight Now team! Please read this beautifully written story about UsherMom and Save Sight Now

The story of Justin and Rosalyn from San Francisco is our story. Their daughter Lia was diagnosed with Usher 1B when she was 5 months old. The first time we spoke was emotional, it brought back so many memories for us. But as with many other Usher parents, there’s an instant connection. The mutual understanding of fear and grief. The not knowing, the uncertain future, the future that you envisioned so differently for your child. But these parents were also determined. Justin could tell me more about ongoing Usher 1B research than I had ever find myself. (READ MORE)

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Justin Porcano